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Expanded List:
20 New Models,
150 Trim Levels

1 NEW 2016 Ford C-MAX
Maximized. By Design. We designed C-MAX Hybrid to perform. Yes, it has impressive fuel efficiency. But it also delivers a real driving experience. With its roomy interior and smart technology, the C-MAX Hybrid is a great hybrid that delivers great performance. Think of C-MAX Energi Plug-In Hybrid as a ďhybrid plus.Ē Featuring a state-of-the-art, lithium-ion battery and an electric motor with a gasoline engine, C-MAX Energi is designed for dynamic performance.
  • Hybrid SE, MSRP: $24,170, MPG: 42/37
  • Hybrid SEL, MSRP: $27,170, MPG: 42/37
  • Energi, MSRP: $31,770, MPG: 95/81
*Vehicle Disclaimers
2 NEW 2016 Ford EDGE
A showcase of Ford innovation. The bold design of the 2016 Edge grabs attention, while your choice of powerful engines shatters convention and delivers pure, exhilarating performance. And once behind the wheel, you'll find yourself surrounded by state-of-the-art technologies engineered to inspire confidence on the road. Adaptive Steering is an exciting new advancement in steering technology. Standard in Sport, the system manipulates the steering ratio constantly to provide smooth, calculated steering at any velocity. Adaptive steering controls the relationship between how much the driver turns the wheel and how much the front wheels turn. Low-speed steering - such as pulling into a parking space - requires much less turning of the wheel. Adaptive steering is an exciting technology that delivers responsiveness and puts fun back on the road.
  • SE, MSRP: $28,895, MPG: 20/30
  • SEL, MSRP: $31,985, MPG: 20/30
  • Titanium, MSRP: $35,795, MPG: 20/30
  • Sport, MSRP: $40,595, MPG: 17/24
*Vehicle Disclaimers
3 NEW 2016 Ford ESCAPE
With its stylish lines and sleek silhouette, the Escape appears to be in motion even when parked. Available features such as HID headlamps, assorted wheel choices and the SE Chrome Package complement that look. Step inside. The interior combines sophisticated style and comfort with versatility Ė leather trim is available and the second-row bench in all models folds for additional cargo capacity. New exterior colors this year include Shadow Black and Electric Spice.
  • SE, MSRP: $25,300, MPG: 23/32
  • Titanium, MSRP: $29,505, MPG: 22/30
  • S, MSRP: $23,100, MPG: 22/31
*Vehicle Disclaimers
Stylish, sophisticated, capable. From the outside, the bold 2016 Expedition conveys a can-do personality. Inside, Expedition is attentive and accommodating. The Expedition Platinum is rich in amenities, while the King Ranch edition sports Mesa Brown highlights throughout. Ambient lighting, 22-inch wheels and a long list of features are available.
  • XLT, MSRP: $45,435, MPG: 16/22
  • XLT EL, MSRP: $48,145, MPG: 15/21
  • Limited, MSRP: $55,145, MPG: 16/22
  • Limited EL, MSRP: $57,795, MPG: 15/21
  • King Ranch, MSRP: $59,379, MPG: 16/22
  • Platinum, MSRP: $60,335, MPG: 16/22
  • King Ranch EL, MSRP: $62,025, MPG: 15/21
  • Platinum EL, MSRP: $62,985, MPG: 15/21
*Vehicle Disclaimers
5 NEW 2016 Ford EXPLORER
Beauty that's more than skin deep. The beauty of the redesigned front, rear, roofline and wheels is just the start of what makes the 2016 Explorer a standout in its class. Moving people, carrying cargo, virtually anywhere. A strong structure serves as the foundation for Explorer capability, along with advanced technology such as the available Intelligent 4WD with Terrain Management System.
  • Platinum, MSRP: $52,970, MPG: 16/22
  • Explorer, MSRP: $31,050, MPG: 17/24
  • XLT, MSRP: $33,400, MPG: 17/24
  • Limited, MSRP: $41,300, MPG: 17/24
  • Sport, MSRP: $43,500, MPG: 16/22
*Vehicle Disclaimers
6 NEW 2016 Ford F-150
Revolutionary materials. Legendary durability. For people who depend on their trucks every workday, it comes down to one all-important question: How well do they deliver? At Ford, we go a major step further: How can we build trucks that can go that crucial extra mile and over-deliver? Our latest generation of the Ford F-150 is lighter, stronger, more powerful and more capable. Itís built on the principle that the best truck for today is the one engineered to meet the challenges of performance, efficiency and dependability long into the future. Itís how weíve achieved the distinction of being the top-selling truck brand overall for 30 years in a row.
  • XLT SuperCab 8' Box, MSRP: $35,779, MPG: 18/25
  • XL SuperCab 8' Box, MSRP: $31,599, MPG: 18/25
  • XL SuperCrew Cab, MSRP: $32,943, MPG: 18/25
  • XLT SuperCrew Cab, MSRP: $37,024, MPG: 18/25
  • Lariat SuperCrew Cab, MSRP: $42,310, MPG: 19/26
  • XL Regular Cab 8' Box, MSRP: $26,728, MPG: 18/25
  • XLT Regular Cab 8' Box, MSRP: $32,095, MPG: 18/25
  • XL SuperCab, MSRP: $30,489, MPG: 18/25
  • XLT SuperCab, MSRP: $34,674, MPG: 18/25
  • Lariat SuperCab 8' Box, MSRP: $40,251, MPG: 19/26
  • XL Regular Cab, MSRP: $26,428, MPG: 18/25
  • XLT Regular Cab, MSRP: $31,789, MPG: 18/25
  • Lariat SuperCab, MSRP: $39,950, MPG: 19/26
  • King Ranch SuperCrew Cab, MSRP: $49,936, MPG: 15/22
  • Platinum SuperCrew Cab, MSRP: $52,401, MPG: 15/22
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7 NEW 2016 Ford F-250 SUPER DUTY
The Ford F-250 Super Duty helps your performance and bottom line. You know your business and what it takes to grow its bottom line, like choosing the right trucks with the power you want and the fuel efficiency you need. The Ford Super Duty has a standard 6.2L V8 with best-in-class gas horsepower and torque. And for applications calling for the severe-duty strength and dependability of a diesel, the 6.7L Power Stroke delivers best-in-class horsepower and standard torque. Fuel economy is class-leading too.
  • XL Super Cab 6.34' Box, MSRP: $34,580
  • XLT Super Cab 6.34' Box, MSRP: $35,575
  • XLT Super Cab 8' Box, MSRP: $39,075
  • XL Super Cab 8' Box, MSRP: $34,780
  • Lariat Super Cab 8' Box, MSRP: $44,995
  • XL SuperCrew 6.34' Box, MSRP: $35,980
  • XLT SuperCrew 6.34' Box, MSRP: $40,780
  • Lariat SuperCrew 6.34' Box, MSRP: $47,195
  • XL SuperCrew 8' Box, MSRP: $36,180
  • XLT SuperCrew 8' Box, MSRP: $40,975
  • Lariat SuperCrew 8' Box, MSRP: $47,395
  • King Ranch SuperCrew 8' Box, MSRP: $53,130
  • Platinum SuperCrew 8' Box, MSRP: $57,240
  • XL Regular Cab 8' Box, MSRP: $32,385
  • XLT Regular Cab 8' Box, MSRP: $36,375
  • Lariat Super Cab 6.34' Box, MSRP: $44,795
  • King Ranch SuperCrew 6.34' Box, MSRP: $52,930
  • Platinum SuperCrew 6.34' Box, MSRP: $57,040
*Vehicle Disclaimers
8 NEW 2016 Ford F-350 SUPER DUTY
The Ford F-350 Super Duty handles every task you ask of it every workday Ė and does it all with the dependability you expect. You can say itís one member of the crew that can wear a lot of different hard hats. The Super Duty performs the tough work of hauling and towing with the smart technology of AdvanceTrac with RSC and trailer sway control. And at the purely mechanical end, thereís the available class-exclusive tailgate step that shows how Ford designers literally thought outside the box to make your job as easy as possible.
  • XL Super Cab 6.34' Box, MSRP: $35,480
  • XLT Super Cab 6.34' Box, MSRP: $39,775
  • Lariat Super Cab 8' Box, MSRP: $45,890
  • XLT Super Cab 8' Box, MSRP: $39,975
  • XL Super Cab 8' Box, MSRP: $39,975
  • XL SuperCrew 6.34' Box, MSRP: $36,880
  • XLT SuperCrew 6.34' Box, MSRP: $41,680
  • Lariat SuperCrew 6.34' Box, MSRP: $48,090
  • XL SuperCrew 8' Box, MSRP: $37,080
  • XLT SuperCrew 8' Box, MSRP: $41,875
  • Lariat SuperCrew 8' Box, MSRP: $48,290
  • King Ranch SuperCrew 8' Box, MSRP: $54,035
  • Platinum SuperCrew 8' Box, MSRP: $56,150
  • King Ranch SuperCrew 6.34' Box, MSRP: $53,830
  • Platinum SuperCrew 6.34' Box, MSRP: $57,940
  • XL Regular Cab 8' Box, MSRP: $33,280
  • XLT Regular Cab 8' Box, MSRP: $37,275
  • Lariat Super Cab 6.34' Box, MSRP: $45,690
*Vehicle Disclaimers
9 NEW 2016 Ford F-450 SUPER DUTY
The Ford F-450 Super Duty works hard. The suspension, tires and and towing gear on the Super Duty F-450 are engineered to deliver a maximum 31,200 lbs. of towing capability and a best-in-class 40,400-lb. gross combination weight rating (GCWR). Whatís more, under the hood is the 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel with its best-in-class 440 horsepower and standard 860 lb.-ft. of torque. Class-leading fuel economy too. The competition has even more to be concerned about with this beefed-up F-450 working the roads and work sites across America.
  • King Ranch SuperCrew 8' Box, MSRP: $70,395
  • Platinum SuperCrew 8' Box, MSRP: $71,320
  • XL SuperCrew 8' Box, MSRP: $53,060
  • XLT SuperCrew 8' Box, MSRP: $57,620
  • Lariat SuperCrew 8' Box, MSRP: $64,660
*Vehicle Disclaimers
10 NEW 2016 Ford FIESTA
Fun. By Design. Fun. Thatís the feeling you get when you drive a Fiesta. Its nimble handling means you can count on a ride that delivers. Combine that with smart connectivity via available SYNC3 and the comfort of available heated leather-trimmed front seats. Then add great fuel efficiency, so the fun can last all day long. SYNC 3 is our next generation of voice-activated technology. New easy-to-use design. New interface. New features. The available SYNC 3 is not only new, itís responsive and innovative. Just say the word and discover how SYNC 3 delivers next-level connectivity.
  • S Hatch, MSRP: $14,390, MPG: 28/36
  • SE Sedan, MSRP: $15,320, MPG: 28/36
  • SE Hatch, MSRP: $15,620, MPG: 28/36
  • Titanium Sedan, MSRP: $18,040, MPG: 28/36
  • Titanium Hatch, MSRP: $18,340, MPG: 28/36
  • ST, MSRP: $20,970, MPG: 26/35
  • S Sedan, MSRP: $14,090, MPG: 28/36
*Vehicle Disclaimers
11 NEW 2016 Ford FLEX
Style meets substance. From its stylish and bold exterior to its spacious and comfortable interior, Flex is distinctively different. Inside, you have your pick of available features, including colors, wood finishes and leather-trimmed seating. An available Multi-Panel Vista Roof provides natural light for passengers in all three rows, while available ambient lighting provides a choice of seven interior colors. On the outside, style is the dominant theme. The Appearance Package, wheel choices and two-tone vehicle options let you equip Flex to your taste.
  • SE, MSRP: $29,600, MPG: 16/23
  • SEL, MSRP: $32,300, MPG: 16/23
  • Limited, MSRP: $37,800, MPG: 16/23
*Vehicle Disclaimers
12 NEW 2016 Ford FOCUS
The sleek design promises to turn a lot of heads. The 2016 Focus attracts a lot of attention, whether itís parked or youíre behind the wheel. For starters, the Focus appears in motion even when itís standing still. Then there is the selection of standard and available wheels, designed to complement the look of each Focus model. The Focus ST includes a center-exhaust with dual bright tips, 18-inch Rado Gray-painted aluminum wheels, a Piano Black grille, ST badging and other unique ST features. The fun-to-drive Focus Electric comes with a unique grille, 17-inch 15-spoke aluminum wheels, illuminated charge port, quad-beam HID headlamps with LED signature lighting and auto lamp. And wait until you see the aerodynamic design and stylish Interior of the new Focus RS model.
  • Tatanium Hatch, MSRP: $23,725, MPG: 26/38
  • RS Hatch, MSRP: $35,730
  • S Sedan, MSRP: $17,225, MPG: 26/36
  • SE Sedan, MSRP: $18,515, MPG: 26/36
  • SE Hatch, MSRP: $19,015, MPG: 26/36
  • Tatanium Sedan, MSRP: $23,225, MPG: 26/38
  • ST Hatch, MSRP: $24,425, MPG: 22/32
  • Electric, MSRP: $29,170, MPG: 110/99
*Vehicle Disclaimers
13 NEW 2016 Ford FUSION
Stand Out. By Design. Sleek and stylish. Thoughtfully designed inside and out, the Fusion is a four-door sedan that resists blending in. Weíve given the Fusion a distinctive silhouette and an array of available smart technologies. Its bold look ignores the old notions of what a full-size sedan is expected to be. With its sculpted lines and a sleek silhouette, the 2016 Ford Fusion conveys a sense of agility. The bold, hexagonal grille gives the Fusion a distinctive look, while low-profile laser-cut projector headlamps and LED taillamps display intelligent technology. Open the door. Available ambient lighting with seven color choices establishes the mood, just as the available leather-trimmed seats and heated front seats convey luxury and add comfort.
  • S, MSRP: $22,110, MPG: 22/34
  • SE, MSRP: $23,680, MPG: 22/34
  • S Hybrid, MSRP: $25,185, MPG: 44/41
  • SE Hybrid, MSRP: $25,990, MPG: 44/41
  • Titanium, MSRP: $30,630, MPG: 22/33
  • Titanium Hybrid, MSRP: $30,940, MPG: 44/41
  • SE Energi, MSRP: $33,900, MPG: 95/81
  • Titanium Energi, MSRP: $35,730, MPG: 95/81
*Vehicle Disclaimers
14 NEW 2016 Ford MUSTANG
Powerful. By Design. Put your hands on the wheel of a Mustang and you feel one thing above everything else: power. With four engines to choose from, the new Mustang is designed to overwhelm the senses with its pulse-raising torque and legendary roar. Make no mistake Ė the Mustang is engineered for pure exhilaration. The front and rear suspension systems work together to provide precise handling and control with: Fully independent rear suspension, Double-ball-joint front suspension, Pitch control during hard acceleration and hard braking, and Reduction of body roll improves the overall feel and ride vs. the previous generation.
  • Shelby GT350 Fastback, MSRP: $49,095, MPG: 14/21
  • Shelby GT350R Fastback, MSRP: $62,595, MPG: 14/21
  • GT Premium Fastback, MSRP: $37,695, MPG: 15/25
  • V6 Fastback, MSRP: $25,445, MPG: 17/28
  • EcoBoost Fastback, MSRP: $26,945, MPG: 22/31
  • EcoBoost Premium Fastback, MSRP: $30,945, MPG: 22/31
  • GT Fastback, MSRP: $33,695, MPG: 15/25
*Vehicle Disclaimers
The Mustang convertible is designed to induce euphoria: Center-mounted single latch offers quick one-handed to ease opening and closing right from the driverís seat, Top is electronically driven for quiet and quick operation, and thanks to intelligent design, the trunk is large enough to accommodate two golf bags Ė even with the Shaker Pro subwoofer.
  • V6, MSRP: $30,945, MPG: 17/28
  • EcoBoost Premium, MSRP: $36,445, MPG: 20/29
  • GT Premium, MSRP: $43,195, MPG: 15/24
*Vehicle Disclaimers
16 NEW 2016 Ford TAURUS
Sophistication. By Design. When you drive a Taurus, your senses are heightened. The interior is expertly crafted, the controls are a finger's press away and the powertrain is impressively responsive. It's a car designed to respect your comfort and respond to your needs. The interior of Taurus combines style and comfort with fine craftsmanship. Soft-touch, high-quality materials are used throughout the cabin.
  • SHO, MSRP: $40,275, MPG: 16/24
  • Limited, MSRP: $34,460, MPG: 18/27
  • SEL, MSRP: $29,540, MPG: 18/27
  • SE, MSRP: $27,110, MPG: 18/27
*Vehicle Disclaimers
The Ford Transit Connect. Whatever your job needs, the Transit works. The spacious, versatile and capable van. The Ford Transit offers the flexibility to fit any business like a work glove. Available with your choice of three roof heights, three lengths, two wheelbases, three engines, cargo van or passenger wagon, and a seemingly endless list of upfitting options.
  • XLT Extended, MSRP: $25,200, MPG: 20/28
  • XL Extended, MSRP: $23,675, MPG: 20/28
  • XL, MSRP: $22,675, MPG: 20/28
  • XLT, MSRP: $24,200, MPG: 20/28
*Vehicle Disclaimers
Attractive, functional and smart for transporting passengers or cargo, the 2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon offers class-exclusive available seven-passenger seating, impressive maneuverability, and ample storage, payload and towing capacities: Long-wheelbase wagon - seating for up to seven with 104.2 cu. ft. of storage capacity available behind the front seats, Short-wheelbase wagon - seating for up to five, easy maneuvering and parking on tight city streets with 77.1 cu. ft. of storage capacity available behind the front seats, and Maximum payload of 1,270 lbs. with unsurpassed towing capacity of 2,000 lbs. The interior is as stylish as it is comfortable, with your choice of vinyl, cloth or leather-trimmed seating surfaces. To make accessing cargo easy, dual sliding side doors are standard.
  • XLT, MSRP: $24,825, MPG: 19/27
  • XLT, MSRP: $24,655, MPG: 20/28
  • XL, MSRP: $25,130, MPG: 20/28
  • Titanium, MSRP: $29,130, MPG: 20/28
  • XLT Extended, MSRP: $26,825, MPG: 19/27
  • Titanium Extended, MSRP: $29,300, MPG: 19/27
  • XL Extended, MSRP: $25,300, MPG: 19/27
*Vehicle Disclaimers
19 NEW 2016 Ford TRANSIT VAN
The Ford full-size van completely transformed. The Transit is a major transformation of the previous generation of the Ford full-size van. Configure a Transit cargo van or passenger wagon with the combination of load floor length and height for the cargo volume/payload or passenger capacity you need. The Ford Transit is designed for capability and flexibility Ė and engineered to Built Ford Tough® standards for durability.
  • XL Medium Roof, MSRP: $31,565
  • XL High Roof Long, MSRP: $36,090
  • XL Medium Roof Long, MSRP: $33,265
  • XL High Roof Extended, MSRP: $37,393
  • XL Low Roof, MSRP: $30,960
  • XL Low Roof Long, MSRP: $31,810
*Vehicle Disclaimers
The Ford full-size van completely transformed. The Ford Transit is a major transformation of the full-size van youíve been accustomed to driving. Configure a Transit cargo van or passenger wagon with the combination of box length and height for the cargo volume/payload or passenger capacity you need. The all-new 2015 Ford Transit is engineered to ultra-stringent Ford commercial truck standards for durability Ė and built to exceed what youíve come to expect from the leader in full-size vans. Van and Wagon Models: The Transit does everything from hauling cargo to transporting people. The van model is available in three roof heights and three body lengths. And the wagon is available in 8-, 10-, 12- and 15-passenger models.
  • XL Low Roof, MSRP: $33,175
  • XL Low Roof Long, MSRP: $36,825
  • XLT Low Roof, MSRP: $34,470
  • XLT Low Roof Long, MSRP: $38,120
  • XL Medium Roof, MSRP: $33,325
  • XLT Medium Roof, MSRP: $34,620
  • XL Medium Roof Long, MSRP: $38,285
  • XLT Medium Roof Long, MSRP: $39,580
  • XL High Roof Long, MSRP: $36,975
  • XLT High Roof Long, MSRP: $38,270
  • XL High Roof Extended, MSRP: $42,700
  • XLT High Roof Extended, MSRP: $43,995
  • XL, MSRP: $32,100
  • XLT, MSRP: $33,600
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Morlan Ford takes all reasonable precautions to protect our users' information, both while the information is being transmitted and after it is received by us.

If this website is hosted on a Secure Server, when our credit pre-approval form asks users to enter sensitive information (such as social security number), that information is encrypted and is protected with SSL 128-bit encryption software, an industry standard for reputable organizations. While on a secure page, such as our credit pre-approval application form, the lock icon on the bottom of Web browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer becomes locked, as opposed to unlocked, or open.

Furthermore, once the information has been received by us, we use security procedures and policies that commensurate with industry standards to safeguard against loss, theft, unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification and disclosure. If you have any questions about the security of our website, you can send an e-mail to

Notification of Changes

Morlan Ford retains the right to change this privacy policy at any time. We will post those changes to this page so that users are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose it. We will use, share, and disclose all information in accordance with the privacy policy in effect at the time the information was collected.

Certain Disclosures

Morlan Ford may disclose any data, whether personally identifiable or not, to any person performing audit, legal, operational or other similar services for Morlan Ford. Whenever possible, we will require any recipient of personal information for these purposes to agree in writing to hold the information in confidence, to use the information only for the permitted purpose, and to return or destroy the information when the services are completed.

We may also disclose any data, whether personally identifiable or not, when required to do so by subpoena, court order, or warrant. Whenever feasible, Morlan Ford will notify the effected user by e-mail that such disclosure will or has occurred.

We may also disclose any data, whether personally identifiable or not, when we reasonably deem it necessary to protect the safety of (i) an individual, (ii) the public, or (iii) the security and reliability of Morlan Ford and/or this website.


Morlan Ford does not knowingly allow anyone under the age of 13 to participate in any services offered on our website which requires the submission of user information. If we learn that a user is under 13 and has submitted user information to us, we will delete that information as promptly as possible.

The United State Congress ''CAN-SPAM Act of 2003''

In general, the law allows Morlan Ford (sender) to contact you (recipient) via email with any Transactional or Relationship message to facilitate, complete, or confirm a commercial transaction that you have previously agreed to enter into with the Morlan Ford (for example submitting the current form); to provide product warranty, recall, safety, or security information with respect to a commercial product or service used or purchased by you (from Morlan Ford); to providing notification concerning a change in the terms or features of; notification of a change in your standing or status with respect to or at regular periodic intervals, account balance information or other type of account statement with respect to ongoing commercial relationship involving the ongoing purchase or use by you of products or services offered by Morlan Ford; to provide information directly related to an employment relationship or related benefit plan in which the recipient is currently involved, participating, or enrolled; or to deliver goods or services, including product updates or upgrades, that the recipient is entitled to receive under the terms of a transaction that the recipient has previously agreed to enter into with Morlan Ford.

Contact Information

To reach us, you may use the email address stated elsewhere in this privacy statement or you can see our CONTACT page for our addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, business hours and/or online contact form.
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